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5 benefits of indulging in BDSM Chat with your partner

BDSM is not only a concept of role-playing during the sex. However, it has a lot more to do with the physical as well as the mental benefit of couples. Shocked!! Do not worry, like you; many people are there who can not even think of having BDSM style at night to cover up certain benefits for them. Let's get into a bit of detailing on the benefits of having BDSM Sex.

1- Helps in Physical wellness

As per Dr. Sandra LaMorgese, a sexpert, professional dominatrix, fetishist “During BDSM sessions, clients often experience a release of dopamine and serotonin, the brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters. These two chemicals are associated with feelings of happiness, tranquillity, joy, self-confidence, emotional well-being, and motivation. Also, the release of the chemical vasopressin compels people toward feeling bonded to one another.”

2- Helps in Communication

While having sex is our instinct, having the pleasure from it also makes us a happier couple. Surveys say that couple who are into practising BDSM roles is a much better communicator within than the rest of the world because to have the sexual please one needs to understand the desire of the other. Communicating between couples not only helps each other to understand their individual sexual need which in turn drives the sexual pleasure, but also this communication makes a strong bonding between couples.

3- Helps in Creating Intimacy

Couples practising BDSM sex tend to be more close to each other as practicing these type of role play demands a lot of trust between each other. Which in turn helps them to become a more intimated couple.

4- Helps to improve Mental Health

In comparison to normal sex, BDSM demands active and enthusiastic participation from both of the couple. This helps both of them to become more friendly with each other, more open to communicating. As a result of it, they automatically become more concerned about their relationships and eventually become a healthy partner.

5- Reduces Stress

Role-playing sex has actually a positive contribution towards reducing stress and anxiety. As a result of role play our level of cortisol excretion gets reduced which help in turn of reducing stress level. Also on the other side, both the pain giver and the receiver becomes more cautious and careful while practising BDSM. This helps them to reduce their anxiety towards each other and they can fully enjoy the sexual pleasure.
BDSM is not only sexual activity for those who practice it. It is the conduct and identity of each couple that helps to bring a true sense and fulfilment within their personal lives.

BDSM Chat is a type of frequent erotic role-playing Chat that involves bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism. As the name suggested that B & D (Bondage and Discipline) is all about depriving and punishing your partner. While B&D is to do with physical relationship, D & S (Domination and Submission) not only restricting one with a physical relationship. One can take a hold on the other even over chat or phone call. While B & D and D & S are more into action, S & M (Sadism and Masochism) is the effect of them.

BDSM is mostly used by Americans. Accordingly, to a survey conducted by Durex on BDSM, it is proved that while 20 percent of the rest of the world are practising BDSM roleplay, it is almost the double of the percentage that Americans are involved into it.

bdsm chat and bdsmchat

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